Major Make-up Mistakes You Need To Know!

In this wedding affiliated and festive time of the year, girls often look for the right makeup guidance around. Although most girls have a makeup artist within, even the well tutored, fail to recognize or simply ignore the minute details that can make their composition go horrendous. To avoid these situations and harrowing, CatchNowDelhi has fulfilled its responsibility by bringing forth these golden tips.

  • FACE

Your face products should match the inside of your arm, not the back of your hand.

Foundation: For sheer coverage, you should use your fingers to apply it. Use a brush for polished, medium to full coverage. Mix your foundation with a pearly white or golden shadow for an instant luminous skin effect.

Concealer: Don’t put concealer or foundation on the eyelids, it will cause the make-up to cease.

Powder: Start applying the powder on the T-zone first.




Blush: Apply two shades of blush. Place something from the red family on your apple and apply peach, coral or anything from the orange family to the highest point of the cheekbone. The apple will have a blood-on-surface effect and the rest will display the heat.

Contouring: Don’t beautify your jaw in excess, you might just end up looking older.


  • EYES

Whenever you have puffy eyes, apply some eye lotion with ice before make-up.

Eye Liner: To give your face a younger look, apply a smoky line instead of a clean straight one.

Mascara: Instead of the usual way of application, jam the end into the roots and go up performing a zig-zag motion.

Eye Shadow: Apply a shimmer-less base shadow that matches the lightest tone of your face on the eyelids up your brow. Then, properly blend the darker shadow on the lids.


  • LIPS

    With heavy eye make-up, go for a lighter shade on the lips.
    Use a liner and avoid lip feathering.
    For a subtle matte finish, apply powder between the layers.



Apply your brow pencil or powder to the upper portion of the eyebrow to lift your face up.

#cnfeatures: makeup mistakes! Take care and glam it up the next evening!


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