11 Stresses Of Social Media Has Hit Our Lives!

Stress Reliever or Stress creator? Social Media has messed up our lives literally!!

Gone were the days when we used to enjoy the real time conversations because nowadays we believe in showing off our happiness on social media rather than enjoying it in real. Internet has occupied our brains and has captured our minds.

The luring social media posts of our friends and family keeps giving us new challenges everyday. It has influenced our everyday goals and has raised the bars of competing with each other.

We Love Social Media but we don’t want you to be the victim of these 10 stresses gathered by Catch now team for you:

Stress #1: FOMO of enjoying vacations in abroad!!

When your friend is enjoying vacations in abroad *JEALOUS*?

Everyone is on vacation; I really need to plan a trip too to post my pictures. Where should I go? What should I wear on beach??

Stress #2: Watching each and every episode and season of that trending Series.

The pressure of watching the series just because every one else is watching it. You don’t want to feel out of the place and want to be a part of that group discussion though you never liked it initially.

Stress #3: Click and post before you slurp.

How can you not tell people about what you ate and where have you been? Not to eat it or sip it and don’t let anyone eat too before it goes onto everybody’s social feed.

Stress #4: Posting pictures of your gang and pretending to be the coolest group.

Though you rarely talk but if you are out together you ought to post the pout pictures together. Unless, how people will know that you had a great time.

Stress #5: To tag and get tagged with your friends in memes at least once in a day.

When you see people tagging their best friends in memes and your friend hasn’t tagged you in in any meme.

Stress #6: Number of likes and comments on the profile picture you updated last night.

The numbers matter a lot because less the numbers, greater the stress!! Greater number of likes and followers boost up your confidence but lesser number increase your blood pressure.

Stress #7: Choosing people over the number of likes they offer you each day.

Real life relationships are built upon the number of likes that person gives you on a daily basis. Friendship is measured on the basis of the number of likes and comments.


Stress #8: To achieve a perfect and flawless Profile picture.  

Profile picture is that picture which is achieved after the 99 pictures already clicked in same pose. The efforts put behind it with various filters and applications is tremendous.

Stress #9: Sharing or hiding your relationship status.

When you want to tell the world that you are taken but at the same time you have valid reasons to hide too. What to do?

Stress #10: Pretending to be always Happy.

The real stress is when you can’t tell your followers and friends that you are going through a bad day because you want to pretend to be cool and happy always.

Stress #11: Missing out the latest story by Catch Now.


😀 We’ll be glad to give you this one stress every day happily. But trust us, you won’t regret it.




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