8 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are Difficult!

As they say,“Distance means so little when someone means so much.” I don’t agree to this and I have valid points to prove this wrong.

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I have never liked the idea of a Long Distance Relationship. You might disagree with me on this, but trust me there are only 5% people out of population who can manage Long Distance Relationships. Here are few points you might agree with.

1. The long wait to see each other seems like ages are gone by.

You really don’t know that when you’ll see them next. This won’t bother you in the beginning but eventually it will make you impatient and anxious.

2. You talk but there can be a communication issue.

We know you are talking but talking is different than “communicating”. You should communicate feelings and words aren’t enough to communicate! That is why there is a huge significance of “Touch”. Moreover there are many people who aren’t good with words (especially guys).

3. Time zone crunch is the biggest issue where even Technology fails.

I understand that you have all the needed technology, which won’t even make you realise that your partner is far away from you. But my dear, that can happen only if you and your partner would put in extra efforts. Facebook, Snapchat, watsapp, skype and what not but you both need to be on same page and same timelines to do so. Only few talented people can deal with different time zones.

4. The unending distance makes you question and rethink about your future goals.

There is no point in waiting for long months and years if you don’t have a future plan! This is very important and this will struck your mind definitely that is the wait really worth for? You will start wondering that do you have serious relationship goals? Are you both ready for serious commitments and considering getting married together? These questions might make you worried.

5. You grow apart gradually. Digital relationship is very different from the reality of living and sharing together.
We humans adapt changes from our environment. Our likes-dislikes, learnings and experiences keep changing in day to day life. This can grow two people apart from each other. You don’t know what he/she has gone through or going through just by having a video chat.

6. Your physical bond dies! You don’t get any sex.
Lets get practical, a relationship is incomplete without warm hugs and kisses. Please don’t tell me that true love doesn’t need that because if you’ll say it then either you are a nun or you definitely have some chemical locha in your body.

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7. Insecurity starts subsiding even under the strongest bridge of trust.
The seed of jealousy and insecurity starts taking birth even in the strongest trustworthy relationships. Nobody really knows about the secret flings and that guilty night when you did something shady at the house party other night. It doesn’t have to be him, it can be you too. It can happen with anybody and thereafter you’ll keep dying under the blanket of guilt.

8.There is nobody around you in those fancy couple parties and parents meet.
That ugly lonely phase and keep missing someone always is very hard. There is no stability and no support. You miss having your favourite person to enjoy the good weather and sip hot coffee together; there is nobody to cheer you up in your hard time.

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Many couples are living and dealing with all the stress and others have willingly taken their steps back. I totally understand your pain but you know I personally believe very strongly in LOVE. So, if you are having a hard time in your long distance relationship and you don’t want to give up!! Then you can try making it up by sending some cute gifts to your love. Click here.




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