Lord of The Drinks Barrel House: Sector – 29, Gurgaon

Lets Sip at this another new place at Gurugram (knowned as Gurgaon)

The Brewery Hub of Gurgaon saw another opening by Restaurateur Priyank Sukhija. Recently Catch Now Delhi had a beautiful tryst with The Lord of the Drinks Barrel House at Sector-29 market in Gurgaon. This much loved food chain restaurant has raised its bars in terms of service, ambience and presented it in a fresh new party place for all of you.

Look And Feel

The restaurant has bold and classic interiors with a peppy energetic ambience.. The woven chandelier in the middle and the pop coloured skull theme along with beautiful mirror installation will grove you to the party mode. The upbeat music console downstairs and the eye-catching bar in the center is the soul of the place.

Food and Drinks 

Lord of the Drinks has become a brand which never compromises when it comes to food quality and service. The food is delectable and drinks are over whelming.

It was really difficult to order from their mouth-watering menu dishes but the staff helped us in getting through to try some of the best of their dishes.

Our menu consisted of Cheesy Lord Nachos, Chicken Tart shells, some pizza and chicken pockets. We also tried their Marinated Tomato and goat cheese salad, you’ll love it only if you are fond of goat cheese. Non-vegetarians will love the food for sure.

We sipped some Apple foamintini and classic mojito. The bartenders are so pleasing that they’ll make your evening memorable for sure. But let us tell you that the brewed beer is in processing and they’ll be serving that soon too.

The swift service and the polite staff will assure your comfort. We assure you that this place won’t disappoint you whenever you’ll step in.

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