Bed Cuddle Types That Feel Oh-So-Right!

 “Curl me up in your arms until i fall asleep listening to the gentle rhythm of your heartbeats”

Is there anything sexier than sex? Ah, there is. The plain joy of cuddling up your honey with your skin teasingly brushing against theirs, and romance springing in the air.

Believe us, Cuddling is the only PDA that holds an oomph more than the actual thing. See the temperature soaring only higher, if you cuddle up next to your partner like this! Catchnow brings you the different types of cosy cuddles here:

1. Eye Locking Embrace – Don’t look at me like that or you will fall in love, again, means this sweet and classic move. Hold your partner’s hands while occasionally stroking each other’s faces and lightly rubbing their feet & thighs. Physically close, not really! However, it offers a chance of deeper conversation, which you may have lost sight of.

Reverse Spooning – For very long, Spooning has topped the charts of cuddle positions, and the time has come to alter it a bit. Give your lady a chance to spoon you by wrapping her arms from behind you. It garners maximum intimacy and power to your woman!

Sweetheart’s Cradle – Favorite amongst all, this cuddle position lets you experience the true bliss of holding and being held. As your sweetheart lies on their back, draw your head a tad more close to rest over their arms or shoulder cozying up your arms against their chest and interlocking your legs with theirs. Bed or couch, doesn’t matter!

On Top of Him – Nothing is quite sexy as this one! Popularly remarked as prayer pose, the lady climbs over the top with her hand on your chest, and her torso resting over yours. Feel every inch of their body, while this orgasmic cuddle may get the things going further *wink*

Butt Touch – Because BAE loves cuddling and you find it Annoying AF, Butt Touch might be your thing. Simply sleep with your back towards each other while your bum does all the talking. This is perfect position to feel their comforting presence without being overbearing on them!

#cnfeatures: Types of bed cuddles! Unexpecting of gliding to the main course, a good cuddle evokes a sense of belonging resulting in the release of endorphines, dopamines and oxytoxins aka your happy horomones. It’s strangely romantic, too.

So the next time, don’t just focus on making out and try out these cuddling moves!





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