Here’s how I lost weight with a healthy lifestyle choice.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in weight loss or diet training. This is just my experience and my journey.

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Lately, I have been getting so many messages, Dm’s asking about my weight loss journey. So, here I am decoding my Diet plan and weight loss journey.

I joined a healthcare Gym back in 2018 end and here I am standing with 16 kgs down. I took up the challenge and my New Year Resolution for 2019 was to be healthy and fit but very soon I got my lil toe finger injured and I was on bed rest for entire month of January but I didn’t loose hope.

Obviously, I was bed ridden and couldn’t go to the gym but I sticked to my diet regime my trainer gave me. I couldn’t walk much but I used to eat healthy and workout in bed itself.

Okay, So here’s how my lifestyle changed.

  1. I tried my best to make a sleeping routine. I didn’t had a routine for anything. I had no fixed eating time, no fixed working time. But soon I developed my routine of sleeping and eating on time.
  2. Staying Hydrated is very important if you are working on building a healthy soul and body. Water plays most important role in loosing weight. I am still working on it.
  3. Vitamins, if you are deficient of important vitamins then loosing weight can be very challenging. Taking vitamin supplements is a necessity if you are deficient. (That’s what my trainer says).
  4. The most Important of all is creating a good metabolism. I am still fighting for it but trust me its not that difficult. You can easily maintain it by eating after every 2 hours.

Now, if we talk about what to eat after every 2 hours to create a good metabolism then here starts the challenge.

  1. My first meal of the day starts with some soaked almonds and walnuts.
  2. I always opt for healthy breakfast options such as Poha, Upma, Eggs, Stuffed Chapati, Idli, Curd Muesli, Daliya.
  3. Post 2 hours of Breakfast I try to have fruits or coconut water.
  4. In Lunch I take either Dal (Lentils) or any vegetable with 2 Chapatis.
  5. In evening I take milk/tea/coffee or my favourite bread slice and Peanut butter. I never used to like Peanut butter but slowly I developed a taste for it.
  6. After that comes Dinner and in dinner I take very simple and light dinner. I avoid Dals, Rajma, Curry, Chole. I love Salads and Couscous salad is my favourite because it is very healthy and tasty.

Cheat meals: My cheat meals are always in proportion, If I feel like eating something then I watch my quantity carefully. But generally I opted for healthy options such as paneer tikka, vegetable uthappam, tandoori broccoli etc etc.

I found substitutes of my sweet tooth cravings in dates and dry fruits, seeds and berries, Jaggery (gudh) or a dark chocolate cube.

My cheat days included: A spoon of gulab jamun, 4-5 spoons of custard, a slice of chocolate cake, 2-3 bites of fried or junk I couldn’t resist once in a blue moon.

This is my first article of 2020 and what else can be better to kick start your 2020 with a healthy lifestyle. I am sure one of your 2020 resolution would be to fit into smaller sizes and kick off some killos. Though 2019 was great for me as it totally changed my number game. This year I have thought to kick off negative people from my life. What are your resolutions? I know I am little late to ask that since February has already begun. But January was a trial so guys New article coming up on New Year New Resolutions. Stay tuned xoxo!


  1. Wow, love to know how you control your diet properly. I am so bad in this. I am trying to get an healthy lifestyle from a long time. I guess now I am inspired after reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your experience πŸ™‚

  2. It is always nice to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, no matter even if you are not losing or gaining weight. Healthy diet always pays off in long run. I am very skinny right now, had lost a few kgs recently cz of stress and exertion but I have always felt healthy cz I am on healthy diet for 4 years.


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