7 TV Shows Apart From GOT, You must Watch!

TV Series has become quintessential part of our busy lives. Be it long metro routes or sleepless weekend nights, we somehow always manage to quench our thirst for our favourite series with out of the blue stories.

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Are you too a GOT (GAME OF THRONES) fan? If your eyes are glued to GOT’S first episode but viral news over social media has spoiled your craze already then don’t worry. Here we bring you a list of 7 outstanding series that might interest you even more!!

The Walking Dead
Genre: Horror, Serial drama, Zombie apocalypse

Walking-Deadsource : independent.co.uk
Bored of sitcoms?? Wanna watch some actual stuff in the storyline?
Based on the comic book series, the show is a fight between the humans and walkers (Zombies). It revolves around Rick Grimes starring Andrew Lincoln who awakes from a coma discovering a world invades by Living dead. *OMG*!!

Genre: Crime drama and Procedural











source – elementary

We love you Sherlock!! 

We have seen and heard many updated Tales of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes. And the best has been created by Robert Doherty’s Elementary. This modern update of Sherlock Holmes is something in which you will be encountered with Lady Joan Watson. And from this the infinite journey of mystery starts…. Catch it!!


The Missing
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

the missing









source – new missing

Are you an emotional personality but have a charm for thrilling content?? CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS THIS ONE!!

The classical fusion of mystery, support and risk revolves around Tony Hughes who continues to search his son after eight years of struggle. In this journey of risks, he meets Julien Baptiste, the retired detective who starts the original investigation.


You’re the worst
Genre: Rom-com

source – you’re the worst

Rom-com is sometimes all we need to rejuvenate our mind from edgy and uneasy schedule of our life!!

The series of irresponsible love and lust between Jimmy and Gretchen keeps you on track. The story begins when the two after attending a wedding night end up with each other. Waiting for christmas?? Watch them with no reason.


Genre: Comedy-drama

Girls TV showsource – Girls TV show

For all the Ladies who have just stepped into Twenties!!

The show is about a girl named Hannah starrer Lena Dunham, who gets a shock from her parents, as they forbade her to support financially. The story is about navigating your twenties, “one mistake at a time”.


Genre: Drama, Music










source : vinyl

Who all are up for musical shows?? Want some Drama too? For what and whom are you waiting??

The 70s scenario with a musical background is showcased in this show of 2016. This fusion of Drama and melody is going to take a level up with a super twist.


Orange is the new black
Genre: Comedy-drama

orange is the new blacksource: orange is the new black

Our reaction when we see a lady being indulged in DRUGS!! *WHAAAAAT??????*       

The story is based on a woman who has been sentenced to 15 months of prison for transporting drugs. This intense blend of comedy and darkness showcases the grey color of life. The show is making its mark in many known award nominations.

Which one fascinates you the most?? Comment below in the section to tell your experience.








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