5 Ways To Deal With PMS

Premenstrual Syndrome- almost 85% of women deal with this massive word every month. Only 15% women experience the happy period which doesn’t affect their daily routine. The rest who have to deal with these troublesome days, faces various symptoms which vary from woman to woman. For example, bloating, low blood pressure, unbearable pain in legs, stomach and lower back cramps. Periodic mood swings and food cravings are the little annoying things which may irritate you and people around you to the core.


Well, there is no permanent solution to PMS symptoms but there sure are some easy ways to tackle the pain and feel comfort during those crucial five days.

  • Heat packs
    The magic healer and best companion is the heat pack, which instantly relives all your stomach cramps or the body pain. Just put the heat pack for 5-8 minutes where you are experiencing the pain and repeat the process twice. Trust me; you will suddenly feel a lot better. They are equally effective in summers as well as in winters, and they are a blessing in those cold winter days.
  • Feed the beast inside
    Never skip your meals during these days. Our body tends to feel weak and tired due to the blood loss, to keep yourself energetic, boost yourself with mini meals like fruits, nuts and healthy snacks like multigrain biscuits between all the major meals of the day. Include lots of veggies and salads in your meals. It is generally preferred to cut down on caffeine as its not healthy for your uterus! Try indulging yourself in healthier ways like green tea, peach tea and apple tea.tea-1040677_1280
  • Tackle the cravings
    Along with the mood swings, many of you may often feel the cravings for delicious sugar chunks like doughnuts, brownies or ice creams maybe. It’s okay to put those cravings to rest by taking in small bites. Have small portions of a brownie or chocolate at a time as it will not only tackle those cravings but will also your mood swings some rest.picjumbo.com_HNCK1704
  • Exercise
    Well yes, exercising is must. Don’t go for the vigorous routine you carry out in your gym instead try opting for yoga. This will keep your body active even during your cycle.yoga-1313117_1280
  • Relieve the stress
    Take a nap in the day time to relax your body. A good massage can be very helpful to relieve the pain and restlessness. Try to maintain your sleeping hours so that the body gets the required amount of rest.


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