8 Signs To Find If He Is The One For You!

Do you believe in signs? Believe it or not but destiny won’t fail in keep giving you signs time to time. Beside signs, there are few major things that we all look forward to have in our spouse.

Nature signs can be missed but here Catch Now Delhi has jotted down 8 signs for you to look out!

1. He respects you and treats you equally (a feminist probably). Your dreams and ambitions are equally important to him as his! He supports you and encourages you at your low points and never thinks before investing his trust and love when it comes to you.

2. He posses the gentleman qualities. Treating a lady with kind gestures, respecting her, being protective and caring towards her doesn’t mean she is weak and he is strong. It signifies his etiquettes and respect for the lady.

3. He doesn’t let the communication gap come between you two. Calling you once a day is a daily ritual for him. Just to hear each other’s voice makes your day!

4. Opposites attract each other. He might be completely opposite of you but he always think about your likes and dislikes. Your choices does matter to him!

5. You are on his priority list. He schedules his day and week accordingly so that he can take out time for you.

6. Most important is his undivided attention for you. He hears you out, understand you, get you what you desire and let you be you! Your all madness and tantrums are a part of his world now!

7. He never miss any chance to make you feel special by keep surprising you with little gifts and the adorable love gestures just for you. He never leaves any single moment of letting you know about his feelings for you!

8. Your smile is his serenity. He takes it as his duty to make you smile no matter what. The season of love comes along your laughter and sparkling smiling eyes!

So girl, if you have found this guy, who was all way long on your mind while you read this post, then never let him go!!


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