5 Signs That Your Body Is Calling Out For Help

Our body has its own way of telling us that it needs help. But we often ignore these signals and continue to deprive our body of the care that it desperately needs. Check out for these signs in you and know what your body wants you to do for it:

1. You feel lazy all the time

Despite sleeping for an ample time, you feel the lack of energy to get on with your work? Though this state is common after a tiring 10 hour work schedule, but to feel lethargic right from the morning is a major sign that you need to help out your body.



The best way to charge up your body is to practice Yoga. Just 5 repetitions of the basic Surya Namaskar can charge you up to bear the entire day’s load. Remember to also have a hearty breakfast which will give you the energy to take on the day. Devote at least 6 hours of sound sleep for yourself.

2. You can’t concentrate for more than 15 minutes

Do you find your thoughts wandering within minutes? If you cannot focus on a particular task for more than 15 minutes, chances are that your brain needs a boost.


Again, Yoga and meditation are really helpful in charging up your mind. Getting proper sleep is also important if you want to improve your focusing power.


3. You find difficulty in sleeping and waking up

You are tired as hell and still toss and turn in bed at night? Not being able to sleep at night is an indicator that your body is not functioning properly. When you sleep late, you also wake up late.


To able to sleep soundly, you can try taking a bath before going to bed. Sipping on a cup of green tea is also a good idea to feel light and easy at bedtime. Avoid taking a heavy dinner just before sleeping.


4. Your skin consistently gets rashes, acne

Eating junk, not sleeping on time, low water intake, stress, smoking and drinking, everything is bound to show its side effects on your skin first. If you continue to live that kind of lifestyle, you can forget about your glowing skin and say hello to dark circles and acne.


Glowing skin can be achieved by a combination of changes in your lifestyle – get enough sleep, drink lots of water, eat fruits and green veggies and of course quit/reduce smoking and alcohol intake.


5. You get an upset stomach every other day

An upset stomach every other day is an indication of a weak digestion. Eating junk food and drinking booze excessively can be the reasons.


Reduce your alcohol intake and start including fibre in your diet. Salads, yogurt, fruits and soups are good for a healthy gut. Try to balance out your meals by eating a light dinner if you had a heavy lunch.




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