Natural Makeup Removal Hacks – Be it Lipstick, Base Layers Or Waterproof Kohl!

Makeup, Red Lips and a glass of wine! Doesn’t that all we need girls?

We girls love Romantic aisles of makeup, but wearing makeup for long hours can be the cause of irritation, wrinkles and many more uninvited skin problems too. After a long day at work or a good party night with painted face it is essential to move into our natural zone and let the skin breathe. And there’s nothing more annoying coming back to find the remover bottle empty! What if there’s an even better alternate to your plastic bottles, which are full of chemicals and can also be a cause of your skin problems? Makeup and makeup removers are full of chemicals, which make your skin dull and lifeless. But of course we love Makeup.

So, our advice to you, dear Dorothy is to resort to the enlisted natural and skin-friendly makeup removal hacks that are easy to find in your kitchen!

1) Remove the layered base

Your expensive Makeup Remover bottles and their marketing traps may strip off your skin’s natural oil. Hence, you can choose from either.

    • You can make face wipes using olive oil or coconut oil. They both are natural and essential for your skin. Rinse off your face gently after it.
    • Milk comes handy too, soaked in a cotton ball. Post application, you can rinse your face with water to see the results.


2) Water Proof Liners and Mascaras

Then why would you spend endless minutes rubbing them off with water causing redness?


  • Take a clean tissue or cotton ball and dip it in Vaseline so as to have enough for your eyes, clean gently while keeping your eye shut. Don’t forget to clean off the Vaseline stuck in your eye pores with another clean dry tissue.
  • Johnson’s baby oil is perfect to wipe off all the darkest kohl’s without any trouble and with ease.

3) Long wear Lipsticks

Removing lipstick can get cumbersome. Without being harsh to your splendid lips you can:

  • Use a lip balm to slide off the top layer of lipstick using a cotton ball.
  • Use a mixture of brown sugar and honey to get rid of the residue by rubbing the mixture gently in circular motion.


Let go of the stubborn make up ladies because nothing should stand between your skin and its natural beauty.

Catch Now Tip to add to your regimen: Don’t forget to clean your lips with a cotton ball dipped in milk everyday before you go to bed. This will keep your lips pretty pink and fuller always.

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