Sins Of Styling You Should Never Commit!

Everyone gets a liberty to unlock and build a personal style. While some copy their fashion idols there are others who like to create their own style statement by going out of the box. But fashion comes with flaws and not everyone goes the highway. Wondering where you go wrong, what sin you commit while styling? Here you go..

Overdose of Accessories
The idea of adding two-three neck pieces, heavy earrings, nose pin, Bengals doesn’t make you look stylish but foolish. Trying to adapt the nomadic style with some overdose of jewellery is not a good idea unless you want to look a ready-made accessory shop.


Skin hugging dresses and pants
Ask Ross how is the feel of wearing super tight leather pants or a healthy woman about body con dress. They look great but if they don’t let you breathe and leave rashes on your body then there shouldn’t be any point of putting them on!

Wrong neckpieces with wrong necklines
if you end up wearing chokers with anything, then you are committing a biggest styling sin. Wearing proper and correct shaped neck pieces with the neckline is the most important styling tip. Don’t ever go against this style or you end up being a fashion disaster.

Colour Block
Colours add vibrancy to the attire but choosing wrong colour contrast or adding over 4 colours to your costume is a blunder. None of us want to dress up like a clown, so why add more colours to your gorgeous outfit.

Dress according to your body type
A Bodycon dress on skinny people is a major no no as they make them look leaner instead they should wear a little flair to look healthy. Similarly flair dress is a disaster on bulky people instead they should opt for A line dresses.

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