11 Must Have Trends For Your 2018-19 Winter Wardrobe

Well well well… look who’s here! Winter is one of the most fashionable time of the year when you can pick all warm hues to look bright in dull skies. Catch Now gives you a few style tips that you can use to “up” your Instagram game because who doesn’t love a great Fall Insta feed ehh?…
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Be at your “A” game this winter because the color of the season is Red. Bright, light, wine or tomato, mix them up or walk down all monochromatic for it’s time to feel Red.

catch now delhiimage source: elle.com

Take your sweatshirt up a notch. Add a fur vest or top over your sweatshirt and rock the perfect combination of “When Comfy met Classy”.

fur coats catch now delhi

image source: pinterest.com

Bunk the age old “throw the scarf over your neck and wrap it” look for something more stylish and fun. Go a notch up by draping it on the neck, crossing it over the back and then wrapping it around each arm. Bollywood much!

If glitter is your soul-animal, this trend is made for you. After leaving “sparkle” in other fields, now it’s time to incorporate glitter in your footwear. 2017 calls for Glitter Boots that will make you feel like a star that you are. 😉

glitter shoes catch now delhi you can buy this from : amazon.com

70’s PLAID
A blast from the past, the 70’s Plaid is back but just brighter. Designers are crafting it into not only classic coats but also into picturesque gowns. So get ready to “Plaid” up.

plaid check shirts dresses catch now delhi

image source : vogue.com

Are you one of those who love wearing vintage-floral prints but are afraid of being told on by someone how their mother had a couch with the same print -.- (such devils those people are.. joy killers). Well worry no more because this season is about celebrating the beautiful couch floral prints (yes you read it right). And why stop at couches when designers are going gaga over the beautiful window dressings as well.

winter floral dress

image source: renttherunway.com

While Laces were the “It” thing last year it looks like Buttons have taken their place in 2017. From gowns to trousers, skirts to dresses, all of them are being played up with buttons and it just looks striking.

winter dress catch now delhi

image source: pinterest.com

While this 2016 hero stays put, designers have taken a new take on it. Last year saw velvet tops, pants, and skirts in funky colors. This season it’s all about the “Formal Velvet”. Jewel-tones, rich fabric and beautiful cuts; velvet might be your wedding theme this season.

velvet dress

image source: koovs.com

Coats are out and we are ready to layer up. Keep up with fashion and bring out those belts and strap them on over your coats. From fur to a leather trench, refine it up by adding a waist-cinching belt.

winter coats and dresses

image source: pinterest.com

If mixing and juxtaposing is your thing then this season you are in for a game. Mix and match unexpected pairings of prints, tones and materials and you will be making heads turn for all the right reasons.

winter dressimage source: vogue.com

If Dots is your bae then Polka all the way, because it’s Polka Dots this season. This simple but effective motif if firing up the runway so use it and abuse it all you want but remember “Stick to Black and White” 😀

leather jacket

image source: pinterest.com

Now that’s called “Warming-up in Style”. Happy Styling guys!! 😉



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