5 Dressing Hacks You Need To Know To Keep It Cool This Summer

Admit it! Summers aren’t as glamorous as H&M’s Coachella collection makes them look. All the sweat and sticky clothes are making us wish for breezy winters already.

If it’s getting too hot to handle for you as well, here are some styling tips to beat the heat and still look fly AF.

Ditch the skinnies
As flattering as they might look, skinny-fit anything is your foe in this heat. Pick structured, yet loose pieces of clothing. Go for a pair of boyfriend jeans, or some cool joggers. Swap your fitted top for a boxy t-shirt.

Mind your fabrics
Reach out for materials that are breathable. Trust us, as ‘summery’ as a slinky polyester cami might look, it will take forever to dry out if you begin to sweat. Natural fabrics like cotton will dry off faster, hence leaving you feeling cool, and saving you from looking like a sticky mess.
Bonus tip: Wear light colours. They reflect the light back to keep you cool.

Say yes to bralettes
Padded bras, or any other kind for that matter, are your worst nightmares. Foam, wires, tight straps will only leave you sweaty, itchy, and uncomfortable. Treat yourself well and get your hands on some pretty bralettes. Along with saving you from all the breathlessness that comes with tight underwires, bralettes will help you style up your outfit, as well.

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Sling it!
Backpacks are in, and they keep getting cuter by the day. However, to spare yourself the horror of an embarrassing sweat patch on your back, pick a stylish sling back, or even a tote for a day out in the sun. Do check out these Best Handbags for Women.

Carry your shade
Style your bag with a cute cotton scarf, and thank us later. When the sun gets a tad too hot, use the scarf to cover your head. You may even drape it over the shoulders to avoid some tanning. Did we tell you, you can also repurpose the scarf into a cute headband? This won’t only up your style game, but keep your hair off of your neck!

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