7 Moves For You And Your Partner To Spark Your Romance!

A lot more goes if you want to melt your girl or make your guy feel special than giving gifts or sending kiss emojis. Here are a few things that you can do for your special someone that will help take your relationship in the right direction.

Men, here are a few pointers to woo your girl on a date:

  • The Right Choice– Know your girl and her choices. Have an idea about what she eats, what she likes and then make plans because you don’t want them to go in vain.

  • Music– If the place where you are at has a DJ or some sort of live-music going on, get on board. Ask him to play some music, which you subtly dedicate to your girl without getting too cheesy about it.

  • A Brief Stroll- Nothing is more romantic than a walk along the beach or a park. Take her and go for a nice stroll, talk and spend some time together. As long as you avoid dingy or secluded paths, its all good and romantic 😉


  • Personal Touch– Nope, not what you are thinking! Drop that stereotypical “Restaurant Date” idea and plan something different for her. Plan a date that is about her. Like if she loves art, take her to an art museum or a convention or if she loves adventure, take her on a short adventure spree.

Girls, you can also do something to make your man feel one in a million:

  • Show Him That You Get Him- Your guy must have planned a lot for this date and all he asks for is you to be happy. Acknowledge it GENUINELY and tell him how lucky you are. Pay attention to even the minutest details because they matter.

  • Get Sporty– A romantic date doesn’t have to be all about pinks and glitter all the time. For a change, do what your guy likes. If he’s into any sport (and even if you don’t like it) for once let it be about him. Plan a date that is about what he likes. Even if that means going for a football match or to a golf course, do it. Trust me you are going to be thankful about it later 😉

  • Affectionate– Show your guy how much you appreciate him and his love. If the date ended well, give him a kiss and tell him how much you enjoyed it. It will make him happy and feel that he did it right.

#cnfeatures: romance is in the air! 7 ways too woo your partner in this romantic weather!


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