Chicken Delights for Hardcore Chicken Lovers in Winters

A die-hard non vegetarian can’t care much if the chicken came first or the egg as long as it is ensuing them a happy belly. Isn’t it so?

Now that the winter weather is on its crest, the craving for the zingy zesty chicken delights gets on its apex, so it’s the right time to try out the chicken dishes that are nothing but the best. Catch Now brings you the must try list this season.

Chicken Salami Sandwich for Breakfast: The flavourful combination of chicken salami and cheese is the finest recipe to kick-start the day. It’s light on calories but ample on nutrition and taste.


Chicken Malai Tikka for Starters: The very thought of mouth melting kebabs in chilly weather sets off the hunger pangs. So why not relish in the flavors of hot boneless chicken marinated in cheese, truffle cream, and spices. The garnishing of tandoori mushroom, bell pepper, and onion makes it oh-so-awesome.


Butter Chicken for Luncheon: Nothing hogs the limelight like the warm buttery selection of Chicken in the cold winter season. The delightfully tender meat devoured in rich creamy gravy, dollops of butter, and the dash of sweetener, can surely trigger your inner foodie to dance in joy.


Chicken Kheema Pav for Snacks: A meaty sibling to Mumbai’s famous Pav Bhaji, Chicken Kheema Pav is minced chicken made either in curry style or bhurji one! The spicy and tangy taste of the sauce served with the softly kneaded bun is surely going to hit the spot in winters.

Chicken Korma For Dinner: The classic korma is a picture-perfect weeknight supper. When its piece of chicken coated in rich curry and redolent spices will roll on the tongue, the tummy screams 100% satisfaction.


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#cnfeature: chicken love for chicken delights! From morning to night, the list of above-mentioned chicken dishes will keep your cravings in check. Don’t forget to seek for the best!


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