You Must Share This Ad Today With Your Mom! Love You Mom

The Rajnigandha silver pearls have come up with this very touching mother’s day ad. No matter how old you are you always need a mother!! Being a mother is a lifetime job where she can’t take off any day. She is the motivation, she is the inspiration, she is the essence of your life and she is the reason of your existence. I don’t know what more should I say that has never been said about a Mother. We all love our moms but when did we last told her that what she means to us?

Let’s do that today with this Catch Now Delhi’s Post:

When I wake up – I want to see you

When I leave home – you are the reason to come back home.

When I am sad – I think of you

When I eat – I look for maa ke hath ka khana

When I achieve success – you celebrate more than me

When I fail – you never let me cry

When I want a hug – your arms embrace me

When I am scared – you rescue me

When I am alone – you enlighten me

When I am away from you – I miss my existence, because I am nothing without you.

I love you, mom!




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