5 Essentials of Men Grooming Kit and Skincare

Skincare for men is equally important as for women.

Men grooming kit includes these 5 listicles below. Guys, you should not neglect yourself and take care of your hair, skin and grooming. There are so many options out there for you to pick up and take control of your body and mind. From organic hair gel to non-toxic face wash, you should be aware of what you’re putting in your body and your skin. From choosing the right face creamfor men to the to the perfect scent we have it all here.

Catch Now brings you here the essentials of men grooming kit that every man should own!

#1 A good trimmer – Invest in a good branded trimmer that will give you good cuts in a single trim. You need to ensure that you buy a trimmer with multiple attachments and a good battery life.
Brands to try: Philips QT4011/15 & the Gillette Pro Fusion Glide Trimmer

#2 Cologne/Perfume – You should experiment with different notes and scents to figure out what works best with your own natural pheromones. Once you find the perfect smell that works for you, stick to it for the long-term. If you’re an energetic person, you should pick a stronger scent.
1. Anything on the shelf with – Eau de Perfume (Oh-da-par-fum) contains less of the perfume oils, around 15 – 22% of it
2. Eau de Toilette (Oh-da-twah-let) 8 – 15% of oils, and suitable for business environments
3. Eau de Cologne (Oh-da-ca-lone) contains around 4% of oils as a mild splash.
Brands to try: YSL La Nuit & Davidoff Cool Water

#3 Shower-Gel – Soaps can take away your natural oils that protect your body and skin from irritants and pollution.
Brands to try: :The Man Company Charcoal Body Wash & Nivea Men’s Active Shower Gel

#4 Hair Gel – You need to ensure that your hair gel is toxin-free and is organic. Some of the brands on the market may not have this feature, but selecting a good quality gel is very important.
Brands to try: Schwarzkopf Professional Taft Power Wax & USTRAA Hair Styling Wax

#5 Moisturiser for men– Men grooming kit is incomplete without a good moisturiser. Good moisturiser is the key to keep your skin young forever. Nothing more is a big turn-off than a good-looking guy with tired-looking skin.
Brands to try: Nivea Purifying Face Wash, Himalayan Deodar, Face Cleanser from Kama Ayurveda



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