5 DOs And DON’Ts Post Sex

“Intimacy is not purely physical. It’s the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul.” – Someone

Connecting with your partner post sex is very important to give a feeling of warmth and affection. At the same time giving space to each other is equally important, we are not telling you to get clingy but to be available and friendly.

Catch Now has worked on this situational need and has come up with these 5 things where you can’t go wrong at all post your amazing orgasm night with your partner.

1. Don’t get casual just after you finish.
Being super casual might be cool for you but not for your partner. Let it go in the flow, be in that intimacy and gradually make the moment comfortable and casual.

2. Cuddle up affection!
Cuddling shows your affection, love and respect for each other. You can’t loose respect for your partner, before it, during it and most importantly post doing it. Showing some respect, affection and communicating at the same moment is important to make the bond intact.


3. Give compliments.

It might be awkward but it’ll definitely make your partner happier and confident. Compliments always make you feel good.

4. Keep It Under the wraps!

You just had the most amazing time, we understand but it’s not an achievement to show off among your friends. Usually people ruin beautiful things, so keep it private.

5. Next day fondness!

Consider communicating casually next day post sex. If not, it may upset your partner or make them feel that you were there just for the ”hook up”. Even If you have “the no strings attached” policy, you should consider talking to each other and not ignore.



Hope Catch Now helped you for your future hook-up’s DOs and DON’Ts! 😀 Stay Tuned and if you like our articles then like and follow us on our social media pages link given in the footer. Share it and don’t forget to use our hashtag #cnfeatures. Much love! :*



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