Here Is How To Take Care Of Your Running Shoes!

Lets face it: running shoes are not cheap. Nevertheless, its a good investment in terms of your health and fitness. But you can make that investment last longer by taking good care of our running shoes. If you take good care of your shoes, they will take care of your feet. If you are running outside, your shoes come across everything from mud and puddles to leaves and grit. All of this can make your shoes look worn out before they actually are.

Here are some tips from Catch Now Delhi for making your shoes last longer:

  1. Save them only for running

You should only wear your running shoes when you are going out for a run. Those shoes may be incredibly comfortable outside of exercising but even just by walking around you are wearing out the cushioning. Reserving your sneaker will not only increase the amount of times you can wear them before they break down but will also make your runs more comfortable and enjoyable for a longer period of time.

  1. Take your running shoes on and off properly

When we are in a rush, it’s tempting to try to take your running shoes on and off without undoing the laces. Shoving your foot into the shoe often bends the heel collar, laces and uppers and puts the stress on the stitching and glue that hold everything together. Always ensure that you loosen the laces before you put your shoes on and take them off.

sport shoes care

  1. Clean them properly

It is important that you keep your shoes clean and dry. But keep them away from washing machine and dryer. After a wet dirty run, rinse them off. Use a light brush to get the grit off. Don’t put them on direct heat to dry them up. Heat dries out the leather , adhesives and other materials in the shoes. To dry your shoes properly, loosen the laces , take out the insoles, and let them air dry, away from direct heat. To help them dry faster you can put crumples newspaper inside them.

  1. Store your shoes properly

Keep your shoes in a cool, dry place where they can air out properly. Heat is the enemy. You wouldn’t leave your child or dog in hot care and you shouldn’t leave your shoes either. A gym bag may be a good option but it is also a humid environment without airflow and your shoes won’t be able to dry out after your sweaty feet have funked them up. Keep them out of the bag so they can dry out.

Getting into the routine of caring for your training shoes immediately after a run will ensure that you won’t need to replace them as quickly.


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