Saying Yes, May Change Your Life Too!! – Nirav Modi Diamonds

Nirav Modi has launched a sparkling new ad campaign starring its global brand ambassador Priyanka Chopra and bollywood hearthtob Sidhrath Malhotra. The ‘say yes, forever’ campaign celebrates the solitaire diamond engagement ring , defining its significance in context to love and commitment.

Saying yes always can let people take you for granted but not always!! A simple yes to the love of life (diamonds ofcourse) can change your life.

This campaign on the diamond solitaire as ‘the’ quintessential engagement ring – nothing exudes the sense of permanent commitment and strength like a diamond, making the solitaire eternal classic and every woman’s dream.

This ad film captures the priceless emotions of the proposal as experienced by Priyanka and Sidharth. It captured the joy of saying ‘yes’ to love!! It highlights the solitaire diamond ring as a timeless ode to the everlasting bond between a couple. Its a representation of what starts with a ‘yes’ today and lasts forever. It symbolizes the promise of a lifetime commitment.



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