6 Catches For Your First Big Night!

First big night? Well we all have those little butterflies in our stomach when we hear or think about those words. First time when you take your relationship to a next level it is exciting, yes, but it is nerve racking as well. Just go with the flow and keep certain tips in mind and trust the word, it will be a night to remember.


Protection is must 

The most basic thing we are always taught in our sex education classes, use a condom. But people do tend to skip on this part. Safe sex should be on the top of your priority list.



Sex is a lot more than just intercourse. Foreplay is one foremost thing that many women love to start with. To woo your lady try some effortless ways. Touch her at every inch to make her feel wanted and observe the way she responds. She’ll make you want her more with the same level of fire in her and to show you how much she wants you. Focus on her luscious lips, just a stare will seduce her to the core! Biting them, sucking or kissing them hard! Take it all slow and go with the flow. Rushing might make her feel that you are here just for the sake of having sex.


The pain

Many women feel a lot of pain during their first time but that is perfectly normal. Poise your lady carefully and in no time the pain will transform into the pleasure she wants.

The expectations

Even though you have had enough tutorials from watching porn or the gyaan that your buddies gave you, you are no sex expert. It is perfectly okay to feel nervous. Ladies don’t assume that your man knows it all. Tell him what you like and what you don’t. It is normal that your first time goes pretty messed up because that’s how you explore each other.


The orgasms

Most women don’t reach their orgasms in the first attempt. It takes time to get comfortable with your partner and get used to the sex routine. So don’t expect your lady to have an orgasm on the very first go.

Post sex conversations

Well this seems to be the tough part, but this is important. Talk about it and tell each other what you liked and don’t forget to compliment each other. Talk about what part you enjoyed and what would you like to have more. Don’t fake it, just be honest so that the next time is better.


We wish you all the luck for your big night and hope we could help in making it a night to remember. Go ahead and make it the great night and look forward to many that are yet to come.



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