5 Signs That He Isn’t ‘The One’ For You!

Look for these signs if your relationship isn’t as exciting as you thought it would be.

Are you often left unsatisfied by your partner? Not in bed, you horny woman. Otherwise? If yes, chances are that you have fallen for the wrong guy. We have brought some catchers to look upon and take the right move.


  1. You are always the initiator of conversations: Is it always you who is the first one to call or message your partner? Then girl most probably he isn’t ‘that’ into you. The advice is not to straight away walk out of the relationship, but to express your partner that communication in a relationship must always be a two-way process. But if he still ignores your polite warnings, then it’s the right time to move on!
  2. If he shows no effort in making plans: Is it that every time you want to meet him, he replies in the same old manner of “you decide the place and let me know”? Well, either he just lacks decision making abilities or just does not find you interesting enough.happy-girl-with-teddy-bear-happy-valentines-day-picjumbo-com
  3. If he is ‘busy with work’ all the time: Being with a man who is ambitious and serious about his career is good. But in a relationship you have to take out time for your partner. Effective time management can be done to ensure that he takes out time for you. Nobody is that busy in life, it is just all about priorities. And if you aren’t his priority babe, don’t make him yours!
  4. He never says “sorry”: He shouldn’t actually, if it’s not his fault. But when you are sure he is at fault and after you argue, he makes no effort to pacify the situation and apologize, then that speaks a ton about his lack of love for you.piano-571968_960_720
  5. If he avoids showing you off as ‘his girl’: Yes, some people do not believe in unnecessary public display of affection, but as his girlfriend you do need some sort of surety. So if you guys have been seeing each other since a while now and he still introduces you as his ‘close friend’ to his friends, it is almost certain he is not the one for you.

We often get impressed by people and after a few dates hurriedly decide to get into a relationship. Hurried decisions sometimes can get you stuck with the wrong guy. Stop swooning over his charming personality and start reading the signs. Because a hot boyfriend is of no use if he does not give you the love and attention you rightly deserve. It’s never too late ladies, cut the wire loose because there is plenty of fish in the sea!


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