Women’s Day Special : In conversation with Tarot Card Reader Shovna

On this International Women’s Day we had an exclusive chat with this amazing woman I came across who is a Tarot reader. A lot of people believe in astrology, tarot reading and stars, so this women’s day I wanted to help people see a wider path with Shovna S. (tarot card reader from Gauhati)

tarot reader shona

In the beginning of my interview, we discussed how people perceive Tarot readers as a black magician and what not! But fret not, because we have all the answers for you here which you always wondered about Tarot readers.

Geetanshi: Hello Shovna, glad to have you here on Catch Now.
Shovna: Hello Geetanshi, Thank you!

Geetanshi : So, Shovna please tell us that what is Tarot Cards and how do Tarot cards work?
Shovna: Tarot cards first came as playing cards with court cards like the King, Queen, Knight and Cups and trump cards The Fool (Joker). Later, it was used as a divination tool. It consists of 78 cards – 22 Major Arcana & 56 Minor Arcana.

Tarot cards work in different ways for different readers. Some use it for predictions, to guide as well as for prayers or meditation. Now, for me, I use it for guidance. I look at the cards trust my intuition; see what it’s trying to show me as per the situation or question the client ask. Every card is well drawn with symbols and a story. I use these pictures as a tool to guide people and myself as well.

Geetanshi: So, since how long you are doing a tarot reading and have you seen your predictions getting true? If yes, then tell us do those people come back to you?
Shovna: I started practising in the year 2013 with friends and then I have announced publicly in 2015.
Yes, I have seen. It may take some time like 1-14 months but it does.

My clients contact me when they have faced the situation I predicted. And coincidentally, I have been invited by a family tonight for dinner, for whom I did predictions 3 months ago and since it came true I going for a family reading plus a meal as well (smiles all around).

Geetanshi: This is such a blessing but to what extent predictions are true?
Shovna: Readings are based on our current path, our vibes and energy. Now, if you follow the card’s guidance and story, I assure you it happens. Not immediately but it does and I have seen people upgrading in their life – personally, emotionally, career-wise and spiritually as well.

Geetanshi: waow, this is interesting! But as we were discussing that you came across a lot of people who associate tarot or you as a black magician so tell us Is black magic related to Tarot? 
Shovna: Seriously, I have been asked this question so many times. No, black magic is a totally different field. If someone does black magic they will not do it, openly in social media (smiling), like me. Tarot Reading is to help people not hurt them.

tarot reader

G: Right, and what about the Tarot readers who wear so many accessories that usually leaves a misconception in many people’s mind. What’s your take on that?
S: Yes they do, like stones or crystals. I personally don’t wear them neither do I offer them. It’s a personal choice of a person. Crystals and stones are suggested by Astrologers as well so they aren’t tagged as black magician so why would a Tarot Reader be. These (stones & crystals) have their own absorbing powers that’s why they are used nothing else!

G: That’s true that a person can wear anything he/she likes to. But again then there are people who often get offended or scared and try to maintain distance with a tarot reader. They assume that the reader can play on the evil powers on them. Isn’t this true?
S: That’s true I face the same situation. People at times avoid me thinking I would know their secret or play some tricks on them. One thing, if a person is not wrong, I don’t think they have anything to fear or avoid.
We don’t play with evil powers. Instead, we continuously think about our client’s welfare. I read with only one thing in my mind, their ultimate happiness and I ask the card to show me the way to it.

G: (on my mind: such amazing social work it is! isn’t it? May God keep blessing here)
G: Can a Tarot Reader predict their own future?
S: Yes, we do. I read for myself when there is a step I have to take for example an event in a new city, to know what challenges I will face and how should I deal with it.  However, a reader has to be unbiased, since we are humans sometimes if I am too emotional I avoid reading. Only when I want a change I contact other readers.

This is interesting because let me tell you guys that I am someone who is always thinking about the future. What happens next is my weakness and I am very impatient. I often fast forward a movie and see the end also ( tongue out). Okay so, let’s carry on with our interview.

Geetanshi: Can anyone learn Tarot?
Shovna: Yes, anyone can learn Tarot from the book. However, at the end of the day, a person’s vibes, intuition are more important to do a reading.

tarot cards

Geetanshi: Right!! that is the most important thing I guess. So, how can a person differentiate between two different tarot readers? Can two readers have altogether two different readings for one person?
Shovna: All readers are different like there are intuitive, emphatic, psychic and holistic. They can be a combination as well. Like I am an emphatic and intuitive reader. Ultimately the message will be the same. The way we convey may be different but the message is the same.

Geetanshi: Can’t really wait to put this question in front of you. Tell me, what the difference between day reading and night reading? As a lot of Tarot readers say that readings can’t be done after sunset.
Shovna: Ha ha, this is a personal choice. Since nights are always linked with darkness, few readers can feel the energy too strongly maybe that’s why they avoid reading after sunset. However, I am a person who loves reading after sunset.

Geetanshi: Okay.
Shovna: I will do a reading for you.
G: Really?
S: Of course, Why not?

( sipping our coffees and we both smiled)

Geetanshi: So, as you suggested me for reading after 3 months again for my query. How often do the readings change for a person? What is the duration of time of one reading done for a person?
Shovna: I would say 6-14 month, depending on how quickly you are walking on the steps shown by the cards. I have seen predictions taking place in 3 days, a month and also in a year as well. Just remember never ask the same question repeatedly in a short interval like 1 or 3 months. Take actions accordingly, you will know how far you came.

tarot cards

Geetanshi: right right. What do you want to tell our Blog readers who don’t believe in a tarot reading?
Shovna: I respect your choice. Being a good human is more spiritual than anything else. Believe in The universe and have faith that everything happens for a reason. However, any time you feel lost, you can try Tarot reading once, I hope it brings some light in your life.

Geetanshi: That is really sweet of you! Amen to that. Also, a message for those who believe and take readings very literally in their lives.
Shovna: Darling, just getting a Tarot Reading isn’t enough. Follow the readings. Let the reading be a guiding light in your life. Be open to the messages shown by the card. The cards may not always show you what you want but will show you what you need to know.

This was so empowering and lightening. The positivity she spreads around makes me feel that everything will definitely fall into its place. Let’s hope for the best and if you have any queries or you want to get a reading done then use the code “Catchnow10” and DM her. Here, are her contact details below.

{Tarot Whispers by Shovna}
email : [email protected]
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tarotwhisperss/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tarotwhisperss/


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