9 Must Visit Lounges At Punjabi Bagh Club Road.

If you are looking forward to unwind a little more this weekend at some cool inviting and cheerful place, then Punjabi Bagh Club Road café’s and lounges are just next-door, welcoming with all warm joyful happy hours and DJ nights!
The lined up café’s with fantastic food, amazing ambience and live bands playing, might make it difficult to choose one.

  1. The Villain Café
    It has very rebellious and villainous interiors, as soon as you enter the lights and music will catch your attention and the interesting rough walls are aptly decorated according to the theme. Food presentation is very fascinating and interesting. Quality and quantity of the food is really good. The terrace-sitting is also pleasant.


  1. OWC
    This place is my personal favourite for its charming interiors and happy vibes. It’s very classy and decorative, as it says, “OLD WORLD’S CHARM”. If you like vintage and classy stuff you’ll love it. The food won’t disappoint you either. They haven’t something innovative in their menu as such but you can definitely pay a visit on a Sunday night for a candle light dinner.


  1. Bollywood Biistro
    If you are a Bollywood fan then this “totally filmy” biistro is for you. It’s a Bollywood themed bar and restaurant with amazing quirky interiors. They have wall hangings and frames of Bollywood actors and actresses with their signature dialogues written. You’ll definitely love the place and startling delectable food and brownie sizzler in desert.
  1. Gazebo
    This casual dine and lounge place is quite spacious and there is ample space for you to breathe in. It has a wide seating arrangement. It serves North Indian and Continental cuisines. Taste and quality of the food and drinks stand out but you might have to wait a little to be served.


  1. Derby Cookhouse
    This café on third floor at club road will amaze you with its beautiful outdoor seating. This newly opened derby place has a tasteful setup. The staff services and gestures will make your day! From refilling drinks to taking next orders, they are smart and fast. Derby Fridays are quite happening with live DJ bands.


  1. The Backyard
    This has very simple and calm interiors with cozy ambience. You can choose this place if you like decent places to chill and have a beer to soothe your evening. Their food quality and pricing is very much apt. Their menu is quite interesting that comprises Italian, Mexican, American food and some classic beverages and mojitos.


  1. Chug It!
    It is a small place with a balcony attached. It stands out in the rough competition of range of lounges and cafés because of its food quality and taste. The dishes, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you’ll love it all. The live music bands will steal the show and spice up your evening with such amazing services and food. But you can avoid if you aren’t found of small places.


  1. Submarine
    Another cool place with edgy interiors and a pool on rooftop to chill. The lounge has dim lights and very nice setup themed on submarine. They have a fancy menu card based on their theme. They have Italian, Chinese, North Indian and continental food in their menu to serve.


  1. Buzz
    It is a huge place with a rooftop and a stunning bar. It is a nice jazzy place to party and for big gatherings. They specialize in North Indian Dishes and finger licking Peri peri chicken. Their Bar menu is a little over prized and often short of beer brands but their food menu and overwhelming staff won’t disappoint you!


pictures : zomato


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