5 Amazing Ideas To Glam Up Your Bestie’s Bachelorette Party!

It’s wedding season! So get ready for the last fling before the ring.

The number one goal of the bachelorette party is to have as much fun as possible. Plan a weekend away from home or stay local and plan an amazing night out on the town. From naughty to nice, think of all the gifts and gags for the beautiful bride to be. It is the prime time to make the bride cackle with a tasteless trinket or sex her up with suggestive styles.

So start planning the best last night out for your bride with Catchnow Delhi’s creative bachelorette party ideas:

  1. For the chill bride: A Spa Day

Not every bachelorette party has to be rowdy night – especially if its closer to the wedding day. But instead of just trudging out to a spa for some relaxation and pre wedding pampering, have them come to you. Many companies create customised spa days at the comfort of your home. You can invite your girl gang and have some caterer come in to create a complete meal with some refreshing cocktails and yummy food.

  1. For the Nautical bride: A day on water

Get naughty with a nautical theme. Rent a yacht or a large speed boat to spend a day on water with your squad. A bachelorette party on cruise/yacht can be a great way to get everyone together in one place and at one time. Just don’t forget to carry your booze – an ocean breeze sets the perfect mood for everyone. Customised can coolers to keep everybody’s drink look flashy.

  1. Sex and the City Theme

Channel your inner sex and the city character by dressing like your favourite character. Sex and the city is all about going shopping, drinking cosmos and sharing juicy details of your love life.

  1. For the dancer bride : Disco theme

It’s the time to disco! Bling and shine everywhere is what you need for a disco themed party. Get glittery and put on your dancing shoes. Black glittery confetti on tables will add to the liveliness of the place.

  1. Rent a Limo

Who says you always need a destination to celebrate? Celebrate in a limo, while it takes you wherever you wish to. Carry champagne and feel like a star as you drive around your town. You can decorate the limo for the big night with bachelorette car decorations! And you will have a party everywhere you go.




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