Common Reasons Of A Dying Relationship!

Almost everyone who has been in a relationship will surely vouch for two things. One that it feels wonderful and second, it can become an extremely annoying thing. There can be various reasons of a bad relationship, it can be because of some circumstances or involvement of a third person. Catch Now has jotted few problems in which this might happen:

Lack of time: If you aren’t able to spend enough time with each other then it might start tearing the fondness of the relationship. It could also might end up experiencing insecurity and uncertainty.

Lack of space: If you are in a relationship, giving space to your partners is a must. Too much of talking, staying together ends up suffocating the other.

Over Possessiveness: Being jealous is a good sign but being over possessive is something that may suffocate you. Trust issues are the most common problem in relationships. Don’t let the it ruin your bond, talk it out and build the trust.

Communication gap: Gap that can end and break any strongest to strongest bonds. Not talking to him/her isn’t the solution. Set your egos at fire and bridge the gaps!

Restrictions and Rules: When the rules start dominating your likes and dislikes, it gets very frustrating. Nobody likes being censored for any reason and if it happens often, it may finally cause the person to snap.

Crying to bed: Initially those quiet romantic nights might be the most beautiful part of your relationship. But when quiet nights change into sleepless nights because of endless fights and arguments, everything seems to demise.



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