Here is what you need to know about Pokemon go!

If you too have been looking at “Pokemon go” posts all over your social media and feel alienated about it, this will give you a basic idea of what all of that hype is all about!

Pokemon go is a reality mobile game for all the ios and android users. Pokémon GO is built on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform and will use real locations to encourage players to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokémon. Pokémon GO allows you to find and catch more than a hundred species of Pokémon as you explore your surroundings.


You have to go outside and discover places around you to find and catch wild Pokémon. Explore various hotspots around where you live and even around the globe to capture as many Pokémon as you can. As you move around, your smartphone will vibrate to let you know you’re near a Pokémon. Once you’ve encountered a Pokémon, take aim on your smartphone’s touch screen and throw a Poké Ball to catch it. Also this game introduce you to places familiar to you as PokéStops such as historical markers, and monuments, where you can collect more Poké Balls and other items.


You can go to near by gym and challenge the player for a virtual fight of your pokemons. Remember it requires hard training and lot of skills to defeat those gym trainers and battle other players.

It is available on all ios and android mobile phones all over USA, Australia, New Zealand and few other countries, while we sit here in India eagerly waiting for its release. It was released on 6th of July and has already been a hit with more than 21 million players!

Since Pokemon go has not been officially released in India, you haven’t missed out on much. So relax and wait for it!

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