5 Ways to Control Sweat

The longest season of the year is here. Summers; doesn’t they make you think of floral, short cut dresses, shorts, popsicles, mangoes, happy kids playing outside. Summers bring backs the flashes of the times of skin show, while going out in short dresses, pool parties, exercising, playing and an evening walk with your friends! But this all comes with a major odor issue of sweating. Sweating is healthy but nobody likes to stay with the bad smell whole day.


Find out some easy way out remedies to get rid of sweat odour:

  • Body hair can cause bacteria which results in excessive sweat and bad odor. Keep your body always shaved and clean as it keeps the bacteria away!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is really effective in eliminating bacteria that cause odor. ACV is natural bacteria fighting ingredient. Rub ACV at effective areas before shower. You can add a cup of ACV to your bath as it’ll control excessive sweating and it heals sunburns as well.
  • Diet remedies are utmost important in eliminating body odor. Drink lots of water. Have protein rich pulses, whole grains, fish, healthy fats, fresh organic fruits and vegetables.


  • Keep yourself dry as moist body encourages bacteria growth. Wear summer friendly fabrics, which are breathable and soak all your body sweat and moisture.
  • Stress and anxiety causes excessive sweating. Try to manage your stress level.







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