Rejuvenate Your Office Routine! Break Toh banta hai Boss!

Office can be over-whelming even if you love your job and hence you need something to burst that stress out and make work and your workplace a more relaxed environment.


  • Music Away– In between work, take a short break. Put on those earphones and put on your favorite playlist that will calm you down and help you work more efficiently and creatively.

  • Om- When the going gets tough give yourself a chanting break! Close your eyes and meditate for sometime. It will give you peace of mind and definitely boost you up.
  • No Starving– A hungry person is as good as nothing. Hence always keep something to munch on your desk. In between working, eat something so that it keeps you up and about without getting you to the “Hangry” stage. So Keep something healthy like dry fruits so that you don’t feel guilty while munching on them.

  • Take A Walk– Sitting at one place for a long time it humanely impossible and uncomfortable. So go for short strolls to relax your body.

  • Hydrate– Hydrate yourself as much as you can. Apart from the fact that it will keep you focused, hydrated and keep those nagging headaches at bay; it will give you beautiful skin. Now that’s called killing 2 birds with a stone 😉
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  • Yoga Se Hoga– If yoga is your stress buster, it’s time to introduce office yoga into your schedule. Do a few poses like Scale Pose, Fish Pose, Cat and Cow pose. It will relax your muscles and not let them get tense.
  • Buy Yourself Some Flowers– Girl as girly as it may sound but go on and buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers for your desk. Not only will they keep your desk smell amazing, every time you look at them and will surely bring a smile on your face.


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