Happy What? Women Day! Are you Really Celebrating?

You are maybe one of them who are celebrating women’s day today? Right? Your social media feed is might full of women’s day post and here is yet another one too. But what are we actually celebrating? Do people around you really respect you? Let’s not just blame men! Women in our society are the ones who question the existence of another woman herself.

Today, on International Women’s day lets talk about some most annoying things a girl faces and those starry eyes for:

Menstruation! Don’t you think that this is the science we should all have accepted in all these years since this civilization came into existence? I really don’t understand that what’s the reason to shy or hide? Every woman bleeds once a month because she is a woman and god made her that way.

Virginity! Food, shelter, clothing and sex. Aren’t these our basic needs? If she isn’t a virgin then that doesn’t mean she isn’t pure or she is a slut. She might have her needs, she might be in love with someone or she has her own choices. A ruptured hymen doesn’t decide her character. IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL! There’s a no link between marriage and virginity.


Having a boyfriend. Okay! After the major issues this might seem a tiny thing but hold on… this isn’t a tiny issue. If you have a boyfriend you’ll be starred as if you are carrying a gun in your wallet. I mean why? What’s the shame? She isn’t doing anything that will harm our economy or set the world on fire.

Sex! Am I throwing big-big words, which I shouldn’t use and they should be censored? Then why do you think that we have a book on SEX positions and what about those beautifully carved caves? It is a need and necessity of every human being. Talk about it and get the fact clear that marriages don’t give you babies, its sex that produce babies!

Buying condoms. If you don’t want babies and hell lot of sexual diseases then please go buy condoms. It is the most necessary thing to do. But as soon as you’ll reach the chemist shop, you will probably get that condescending awkward stare as if you have asked for drugs and guns. It is healthy and very important to practice safe sex. It’s just a condom not terrorism! Can we please stop behaving like one if she buys it?

Visible bra straps. It is not easy to wear bras and roam around 24×7. If she is wearing one and the straps are visible then she should be punished for the offensive crime. Isn’t it? It’s another piece of clothing. What is she supposed to do? Hide it as well like her other assets?? Or wrap herself like an Egyptian mummy or wear burkha? It’s her body and her choice.

Cleavage Issues! “Dude look at her cleavage man…” rolling eyes!! She has boobs and her cleavage will be visible if she is not opting for neck choking blouses and high neck tops. She might be feeling hot or uncomfortable in those high necks. Why should she think about people while getting dressed up? Don’t you think it should be per her convenience? Stop commenting and let her be!

Childbirth is considered the most pious and pure. But do you understand that the child takes birth out of a woman uterus and the embryo grow in her same blood, which you once called impure when she was menstruating. She had sex and a man ruptured her hymen.

She trusted him and had unprotected sex without a condom to let his sperm inside her. And lets not forget that even after so much pain and suffering the child will be known by the father’s name. What she gets in return?

Respecting her doesn’t mean keeping her in veils and behind doors. Respecting her means to let her be herself, liberal and unapologetic for being a woman.


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