9 Perfect Shots For Your Pre-wedding Shoot With Your Bridesmaids

It’s your big day, so say cheese and get ready to go a little crazy for the camera.

Your best friends, sisters, childhood confidants or college roommates, your bridesmaids are ladies from all walks of your life! They have your back all the time and haven with you on every step of the wedding planning and friendship. From the genuine and sentimental to the crazy and fun, snap super cute pics with your loved ones to make sure that you have even more special memories to add to your photo memory after the big day!!

Catchnow delhi lists few pre wedding shoot ideas that you should capture with your bridesmaids:

  1. A hug heart. Make your bridesmaids stand in a form of heart shape or circle frame and get pretty shots.
    hug heart bridesmaid
  2. Girls, just want to have some fun! The mandatory mehendi shot with all your girls will be so much fun. This will give the photographer plenty of fun moments to capture.
    mehendi shot bridesmaids
  3. Don’t forget the Floral magic. Slay the floral trend and pretty floral lehengas with your girls with flower bouquets. It’ll definitely be a pretty picture to be framed later!
    floral lehenga bridesmaids
  4. Peek a boo, I see you!! Line your ladies in a pretty row and have them turn around for a sweet series of pictures that will be really cool frame in a row.
  5. A cool Sunglasses picture with your bridesmaids that reminds you of how far in your friendship you have come.
    sunglasses brides
  6. Silly and funny shots with each of your bridesmaids. Your maid of honor deserves a few pictures just with you. This idea captures the feelings and emotions of the bride and her maid of honor.
  7. An adorable jumping photo of all the bridesmaids. Capture a moment of carefree innocence like this by getting a little bit silly before the big moment.jumping bridesmaids
  8. If you are lucky enough to have a destination wedding, then make sure you take the advantage of the beautiful surroundings. This works well with sunset scenes.
  9. Pout perfect. This is easy. Just apply a bright color lipstick and pout. It’s funny when the bridesmaids apply a bright pop of color on their lips. It’s a perfect funny, girly photo to have in your album.

image source: pinterest.com, bigindianwedding.com,thecrimsonbride.com,


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