Benefits of Types Of Alcohol In our Body!

Ready for getting sloshed this weekend? Here are health benefits of Different Types Of Alcohol in our body.

“Excess of everything is bad.” But everything seems good when it is enjoyed in limit. as they say, Moderation is the key my dear. Catch Now brings you some amazing liquor facts.

Red wine – A glass of wine can actually keep the doctor away. It has de-stressing qualities and cures Hypertension. According to a study, Red wine is least in calories and has many antioxidant which keeps your skin healthy.

Rum – It has anti-microbial properties and it has soothing and warming qualities. Rum cures sore throat and common cold.

Champagne – Just Like Red wine, the champagne which is also made of grapes that has many heart curing benefits. It helps boosting heart health and has the potential to reduce strokes.

Whisky – Whisky is Risky. 2-3 pegs and it’ll sweep you off your feet. It has the most part of alcohol in it and it has least amount of sugar which is easily broken down to be used as energy. Therefore it does wonders to your body when it comes to weight loss.

Tequila – It hepls in regulating Cholestrol. Tequila has probiotic qualities in it, which helps in digestion. only if taken in right quantity.

Vodka – Tooth ache? Have a vodka shot. yes! right, Vodka cures tooth aches along with many other benefits.

Brandy – Abhi toh main Jawan hun? The awesome brandy is anti-ageing. It is true that it slow downs your age.

Beer – Cheers man! Beer has a lot of health benefits. You might have heard about easy kidney stone removal by beer but the best one is that it boosts brain power.

Aren’t these surprising facts? You will be amazed to know about more fun facts about the Benefits of Alcohol!!

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