Select Your Drinks For Different Occassions!!

Whether it’s a fun Friday night, soothing Sunday Brunch, happening bachelor’s party or your office party, we have tabulated drinks for every kind of situation.

You must have your favourite beverage for every suitable Occasion, maybe a beer, a glass of wine or any of your all time trusted cocktail. But sometimes it’s really hard to choose the right drink when it comes to getting tipsy and not to turn out into party monster. We know you don’t want to miss the chance of grabbing the right drink for any scenario.


Summery affair!

First summer drink is ought be a chilled beer that will definitely refresh you and your inner soul. Cheers to Beer!!


Bachelor’s Bash

Tequila shooters one and then the other, one more and so on… But then never again!! Because it ‘ll make sure that you get a next full day hangover, which is your only sole mission!


Sunday super brunch

If your idea is just to chill out with your mates on a Sunday afternoon then go for a glass of sangria that will comfort you in your zone and calm your quench.


Tangled night!

Having a romantic night or a troublesome life, be it anything, red wine will be your companion all night long and it’ll definitely relieve and ease you.


Your Birthday!

Slosh it darling because it’s your birthday. You have all deserving rights to get high on your day with just one Long island iced tea! Get high and forget how old you are turning!


Wedding seasons!

You really don’t have any choice on weddings. Grab whatever comes your way and as much as you can just beware that you don’t end up puking all over and spoiling every beautifully decorated inch.


Convocation amazes!

Big day celebrations shouldn’t be taken lightly. Scotch or whisky should be your hit list. Cheers to the new adult in the house! Congratulations buddy.


Drink date

Your aim is to get at ease and bang the awkwardness as soon as possible. Vodka or beer is your friend. Don’t overdo and loose the control. One or two drinks will tranquilize you both. So, go slow!



Office Events!

To fold up in social situations like these, your pick should be a Gin or a classy martini.


New years bash

The one and only – Champagne! No one can replace it when it comes to New Years Eve. It is the undoubted choice for the any kind of big celebration.











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