5 Ways To Beard It Hot This Season Before The Beard Trend Ends!

The Beard craze is all over since 2012. The clean-shaven look is considered most hygienic when it comes to the grounds of judging a well-groomed gentleman. But lets not forget the true gentlemen of the era, our love David Beckham and his beard look. He is one of the most well groomed man with yummy looks. The list is unending when it comes to hot beard men. Catch Now admires Ranveer Singh for his “clean beard” look.


Beard care is not a child’s play, we know how laborious it is to grow facial fuss , trim it, massage it and what not! Catch Now has listed some easy hacks for you to take care of your facial hair.

1. Be Patient

Growing Beard fuss may be difficult sometimes. It may take three to four weeks to give you successive beard look. Trust us, being patient will definitely give you good results! Because growing Beard is worth the effort as it reflects the strong presence of groomed men.


2. Say No to beard care products

There are many beard brands which offer special beard shampoo’s and wax. They may help you if you are a fan of Victorian Beard era but don’t opt for any such products if you like to keep it short and sweet.

3. Trim and Clean Regularly

It is very important to keep your beard clean and bugs free. Are you the one among those who feel irritated skin when it comes to growing beard?? Trimming every fortnight will keep it healthy and in shape. Rinse twice with your face wash and give a gentle massage before going to bed.



4. Don’t Panic

  • Beard doesn’t grow?
  • Have a bald beard point?
  • Have hard growth?
    Just dab a little olive oil and let it stay overnight, it works awesome and yes of course be patient.


If still the problem persist. No worries, they say this beard era going to end very soon this year or the next. You may have a glimpse as well of clean shaved actors this year at Oscars. The Trend is going to end very soon. So, just cheer up!

5. Diet Matters

Lastly and importantly, a healthy diet is responsible for good hair growth, all your beard and moustache issues can be resolved with intake of proper nutritional diet. Avoid any supplements for hair growth without any doctor’s prescription.

Still have some Beard Issues? Write to Catch Now Delhi in comments below and stay tuned for more care tips!


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