All Punjabi’s Must Check Out This Broadcast App – EKAM SIKH

Recently I came across this amazing religious app called EkamSikh, which is based on Gurudwaras. It targets Sikh community and bridges the gap between Gurudwaras and Devotees globally. Anyone can download the app in their phone by searching for Ekam Sikh.

How EkamSikh Works:
Once you register yourself on the app, you can add as many gurudwaras as you want to your profile for Gurdwara updates. It is free of charge download application that connects devotee to gurudwara’s events, important information, audios, texts and even videos. Once you download the app you’ll start receiving everyday inspirational and religious quotes by gurudwaras you follow. It is an interesting broadcast religious app and first of its kind.

catch Now Delhi - Ekam Sikh

EkamSikh wishes to target 60,000 + gurudwaras globally and are working united over it to reach worldwide. They have setup various gurudwaras in Delhi on their app, which you can access easily by adding your location.

Personal feedback – Catch now Delhi loved the app functioning and the concept. It is fast and useful app for Sikhism followers. Download Now!



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