We Don’t Only Blame Men For Women Harassment Cases!

I totally target our respected elders here. Yes, everytime I find you GUILTY whenever a woman is harassed!

*PINK* is the harsh reality of our society. Shoojit Sarcar has very strongly commented on stereotype mentality of our culture in his recently released film Pink. But today I would not talk anything about the movie here. I would just recommend you to go and watch it.


We all know, we all live with it everyday. So, after watching it, I casually asked my friend to tell me any one friend’s name who has always respected her in every manner and she feels safe around him.

Unfortunately it took her half and hour to think about that one person in her life except her family. Isn’t it shameful for all of us? After giving many thoughts about it she barely came up with 1 or 2 names in her entire friend circle!! I am sure it is not just her. It is the story of every second girl in our society. But what answer comes up when you think why is it like this?

To whom will you state guilty for the present condition of our society? Men? How easy it is to state, “Men will be men”. Please tell me that is it in their blood or their mind functions like that? Why do we blame men for this and allow them to believe that they have the liberty and rights to misbehave with women?

I would say that it is NOT ONLY their mistake. I would rather directly blame it on our respected elders. If parents start treating their son and daughter equally then things might start changing. There should be equal rules and regulations for both.

It’s the mothers who forget to teach their son how he is ought to respect all women like he respects his sister.

  1. Please stop telling him that he has to protect his sister from the brutal world outside! Because if you teach him to behave outside and respect women, the world will no more be brutal for your own daughter.
  1. Please stop telling your son and daughter about how liberal he is and she isn’t. Give equal rights to your son and daughter.
  1. Please make same rules and regulations for both. If he can party till late then even she can, if he can grab a drink then even she can!
  1. Please make sure that you stop judging a girl who walks-in late night to home if you don’t judge your son for the same.
  1. Please make your boys safe, so that your girls are safe!!

I know it might be impossible to change the mindset of the entire society. Somewhere or the other we all are just hypocrites artificially behaving  to let our daughters do whatever she wants to. At one moment or the other we still care about “log kya kahenge”. It’s high time we get past this and let women of our society live the way she wants. All free and safe. 



picture courtesy: movierecipe.infoversant.com



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