5 Ways To Make this New Year Eve Special With Your Loved one!

Although lovers shall never cease to shower love and affection on their partners, the occasions like New Year’s Eve give a reason to go an extra mile and make him/her feel special. Whether you are seeking to share the moment in intimate serenity or shared decadence, we’ve got you covered.

Check out 5 NYE celebrations that will certainly crystallize the time:

Romantic Fine Dine: Plan a romantic dinner and sit back to enjoy each other’s company while indulging in a delicious meal and martinis. There are many restaurants in the city, hosting live music or masquerades to infuse romance and sophistication to the night!


Crazy Clubbing: Put on your dancing shoes, and head to the hottest club in town with your gang of friends. Dance and drinks are the fun way to get rid of inhibitions and to gel up.

Sexy Staycation: The end of the year gets extra special when the New Year’s Eve falls on a long weekend. Plan a couple vacation and escape in fantastic views of hillsides or beaches. Long drives and sipping cuppa’ teas at roadside joints are perfect for igniting the romance!

Cosy Night with bonfire: No rulebook states the New Year has to be brought in with excessive partying, fireworks and revelry. You can keep the things low-key and warm by cuddling up with your beloved beside a bonfire, musing over the departing year and brainstorming resolutions for the New Year. Add BBQ and board games for fun!

Relaxing Date At Spa: What is better than choosing peace and rejuvenation on this NYE! Spoil your babe with an extravagant spa and brunch date. The amalgamation of exotic aromas and tranquil surroundings will definitely make your date, a memorable one!

#cnfeature: How to make this New years eve special with him/her! These ideas are great to bid an unforgettable goodbye to the passing year. Your significant other will love the effort you’re making for the unparalleled start to 2017.

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