11 Things That Make Him Look Insanely Hot!

There are a lot more things, which makes him look hotter other than his biceps and triceps. Yes guys we adore your little things, which you might not have even considered hot about yourself. It is not important that every another guy will have abs like John Abraham or charm as of Shahid Kapoor! Catch Now has listed 10 things that makes him look yummy and hot!

1. Eye Lush: “Eyes are the windows of your soul” it is rightly said. Let your eyes do the talking baby!

2. His hot forearms, we really can’t explain that what makes him hot when he rolls up his sleeves. Naked forearms are more appealing than a real naked man.

3. Blazers: Yes that perfect suited look reflects a true gentleman with fine lines and fit.

4. When he juggles up his wristbands or watch. It catches the sight and makes her skip a beat.

5. Linen shirts are quite cool yet sexy. They reflect the warm and cozy feeling that can make any girl drool…

6. When he works with all focus and hard work. Women really go gaga over hardworking men. The fact says that when men sweat they release few hormones, which sexually attract a woman. (not the stinking sweat though :P)

7. Another super hot thing is his Smirk. Oh yea!! Smirks are self-explanatory.

8. Perfumes definitely! It is very important how you smell.

9. Wet hair and his beard. Yea yea, we know that beard trend is almost dying this season but the way beard does the magic nothing else can do that. Moreover the wet hair shower look always ends up in having goose bumps.

10. Men look super yummy when they cook! They might not be perfect or maybe more than perfect, cooking somehow makes men look adorable. No doubt why we all adore Chef Vikas Khanna.

11. When he sweats at the gym. Hell yea! It is so difficult to take eyes off.

#cnfeatures: Things make men look hot. Stay tuned for upcoming next, what men adores in women!


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