5 Style Tips For You In This Monsoon Season

When monsoon blues are paired with brighter hues, we call it Monsoon Glory! Dressing up in monsoon can be a whole new feeling of love and ecstasy. The favourite style season to lure the vibrant shades has approached again. Along with getting filthy and also fighting with the rainy clouds this season we all want to procure the stylish look as well, No??

This time we bring you some hand full styling tips that will help you to play safe in this grey sky with undoubtedly bright and subtle combo blast of shades!!

1. Brightness is all you need to achieve!!

Rain is considered as a symbol of Fun and Happiness, so what’s better than the shades of Yellow and Orange. Let’s pour on some bright hues with this dark sky!!

2. A big no-no to Leather shoes!! Let’s just put our step forward in muddy water with inexpensive one!!

You probably don’t want to ruin your expensive leather shoes in rainy season. What about a pair of wedge sandals or cool sneakers? I prefer being in wedge sneakers as they are more comfortable and look really good with any outfit.
TIP: They save your feet from filth and dirt as well. 😀

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3. Ditch Denims for a while when you have other options to play around with!

In this air of love and magic you probably don’t want to stick to those same blue jeans which get heavy and dirty in damp weather. The moist weather can cause skin rashes and can also irritate your skin while you’re wearing tight fitted bottoms. Why not to opt for trousers and comfy bottoms?? *GO SASSY, GO FOR IT*!!

4. Wanna look hot? Try loose A-line and Skater dresses instead of bodycon dress!!

Loose is in. Don’t we all love being in those boyfriend shirts? Pick any loose garment and flaunt it like a diva this season. We don’t need to suffocate ourselves in bodycon dresses or structured garments. Don’t think twice before going for a maxi, off-shoulders or a checkered shirt.

TIP: Balance your look under grey skies. If you are going for subtle colours then go for a pop of red lips or else if your opting in for bright hues garment then keep your makeup subtle.

5. Add a smidgen of zest to your outfit with monsoon bags and totes!!

Sling, Tote or a high handle solid coloured bag may go with any of your outfit. If you are a pop art design fan then these bags are great to go with your chic style. Add a funk with a sense of class to your outfit.

Have you decided yet that which colour of umbrella are you going to carry in this monsoon?? 😀



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