The Utility Store – Values the Customer’s Need

Catch Now unfolds the story about the upcoming Utility stores in Delhi NCR.

There is a huge buzz about the unique value stores in market. Utility Stores aren’t any regular stores; they have a unique vision and mission. They have products that will make your life a lot easier in all spheres.


Launch of the Stores:

The Utility store aims to open 50+ retail stores across Delhi NCR. The launch will be by October end or November first week.

Their Aim is to make life easy through their economical and unique utility products. They have a huge product range for all kind of customers. They have 1200 products that will cater to 6 months old infant to 70-year-old adult.

In our Interview with Mr. Sundeep Singhal (CEO of Utility Stores), he told us how they have sourced and picked these utility products from different countries. They have put 3 years of hard work to choose products on basis of utility and quality.



The 75% of the products are below Rs. 300 and the rest 25% of the products are between Rs. 300 – Rs. 10,000 only!


They have all kind of child proofing products that will make your life a lot easier. Be it your office room, your car, living room or kitchen, they have all the easy way out products with which you’ll fall in love instantly. From waking up to going back to bed, anything you would require, they have it all.



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