5 Must Watch Indian Web Series

Looks like Yash Raj films and TVF are ruling the YouTube with their short and crisp web series. They have suddenly boomed up in the Indian youth with just few episodes and it done. Who anyways has the time these days to watch the long series? Here are five web series that are watch and will make you fall in love with the characters.

Permanent Roommates
Yet another story of a contemporary couple which shows the genuine routine of a relationship. Mikesh and Tanya share a three year old long distance relationship and see how it all changes when Mikesh shows up with a surprise proposal at Tanya’s doorstep.

Baked is a story about three Delhi University students living in north campus who start a midnight food delivery service to sustain themselves. It shows a very relatable routine of the university students.

Remember how we all thought of startimg up our own business after college but most of us end up here stitting behind the office desktop reading this article. This is the story about this group of friends quit their job to start up their business and the entire process of convincing their family and everyone else. It really is a must watch and understand the concept of “Tu Beer hai”, if you wish to give a heads up to your start up.

Man’s world
YRF’s once again proves how creative they can be with another web series called Man’s World. This is about how suddenly one day the world changes and all the men get treated the way women do in real. From getting a period to working in a kitchen, it talks about all. The show has many guest appearances including Kalki Koechlin, Parineeti Chopra and Richa Chadha.

Bang Baaja Baraat
Yash raj films can never let you down. Bang Baaja Baraat is a story of a contemporary couple who are getting married. The story seems so real that you can almost relate to it. Trust the word, the characters will totally make you fall in love with them. Check them out here.

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