Kick Start Your College Life With Elan

The days with no routines, no uniforms and carefreeness have begun once again. As much as there is pain of parting from nurturing past, there is excitement and little anxiety for beyond the boundaries exposure. To put you at a pace with this transaction we would like to help you with certain pre-requisites, we wish, our seniors could have jotted down for us.

Dress Right

Know what statement you want to make because what you choose to wear says a lot about you. You can keep it casual for starters and throw curve balls later unless you know you can nail say gothic or boho for next three or four years. It’s your take completely.



Choose Your ‘Constants’ Wisely

A lot of graduates agree with not having constant friends at college. One goes through many break-up and patch-up group sessions. It’s fine if you and your friends arrive at a crossing you do not wish to cross together. Avoid impulsive decisions.


Get Yourself Magic Cards

Yes, debit cards invoke a sense of responsibility into us. Make sure they aren’t already fed with big numbers from your daddy. It makes no sense then. Also, learn where to stick them right.

Try Auditioning

Colleges have dance, drama, fashion, photography, fine arts and many more societies. Auditioning for something that fascinates you will help you explore yourself.

Get to Know Your City

Delhi has numerous markets, baolis, architectural temples, museums, art galleries, expos and cultural centres that a college student must explore and promote by clicking pictures.

Attend Your Classes

As important it is to have fun during your college days, it is equally important to attend classes. You must know what your priorities are and stay focussed.

Stay Enthusiastic

By the time you reach college sophomore year, all that freshman enthusiasm starts digging a grave for itself. We would suggest you to take part in competitions or take a foreign language course or join an NGO. Collect as many certificates as you can. They add to your profile.

We hope these seven pointers have given you a direction before you spread your wings and fly into a wider sky.








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