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Hello lovely people, I published an article on women’s day last year and here yet again I bring light to some more major issues! We all know that it’s International Women’s Day every year on 8th March. Okay! Now what? What do we do? I’ll tell you,

  1. You’ll receive 50 messages on your phone of brands informing you about women’s day discount offers.
  2. Your Whatsapp would be flooded with women’s day quotes and posts and similarly with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and news everywhere.
  3. Everybody will wish you and you’ll wish others with a pride and happy smile “Happy Women’s Day”
  4. You might receive 2-3 gifts or something.

But my dear, is that what we celebrate women’s day for? We all have actually lost the plot totally. It’s not about shopping, its not about gifts, there’s no point of celebration when majority of women around the globe have not been even treated equally. We aren’t asking for a special treatment, gifts or diamonds. We are just asking for equality, and to be judged in the same way as you judge other men.

No, I am not talking about a patriarchal society or something because its all because of our preaching’s. You, yes you are at fault miss! Only a woman can change the scenario of the world. That proverb, “ek aurat hi dusri aurat ki dushman hai” very true! I tell you why and how!

Why does a mother set a time limit for her daughter and not for her son?
Answer: you’ll tell your daughter that its not safe outside at night but you’ll never tell your son to not to tease any woman and let her feel safe, respect her!

Why do the punishments are different for your son and daughter when they make same mistake?

Answer: you’ll say,’ye toh ladka hai, aise hi careless hote hain ladke! Ladki ko dhyan dena chahy. (Boys are careless and naughty, why didn’t the girl behave properly) its you who are teaching them what he is and what she is ought to be!

Why do you always feel the need of telling your younger son to drop your elder daughter wherever she needs to go?

PLEASE LET HER GO, LET HER FIND HER WINGS. Let her be confident, independent and let her learn. Encourage her to fight the world alone.

women day catch now

I’ll tell you more, I was shocked to hear a conversation between a mother and her teenage daughter the other day! I am sure you’ll be shocked after reading this.

Teenage Daughter: Mom, can I go on a school trip please?
Mom: No!

Teenage daughter: (anxious and curious) But why? Everyone is going.

Mom: You have grown up! You also get your period cycles now. So, no!

She was baffled and confused like me to hear the reason. She asked very furiously again, “SO? Mom, please na?? I don’t have my period date any soon.

Mom: Don’t you remember what happened in that movie we saw other day, #Drishyam. Usmein yaad hai na kya hua tha? We don’t want any such stuff to happen with you. So no!

It took me two minutes to recall about the movie and I was stunned that what has she taken from the movie?

In fear of getting an MMS made by some rascal, she should stop going out? What are you trying to teach her? What have you learnt out of it?? I felt so sorry for her and women like her. Seriously? Instead of telling her son that, see they lost their child because he did wrong, she was preaching her daughter God knows what?

pink catch now

Even after the movie PINK, I heard a father telling her daughter, dekha beta, aise raat ko bhar jaoge toh yhi hoga! (If you’ll go out at night this is what will happen to you) But, his son walked out very calmly out of the situation.

Question: why didn’t the father tell his son the same bloody thing! Not to misbehave with women he meets. Respect women around you. They aren’t the sex toys.

Our film industry, our society is trying to teach people but people will take only what they wants to take home with them.

Happy Women’s Day!



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