Pizza Pasta and What Not Samosas In Karampura! – Delhi

Rains and samosas are the deadliest combos we love to binge upon!

Our Desi blood screams for Samosas and pakodas in monsoon. Warm crispy samosas craving on a rainy day is something unmatchable in whole world!!

We bring you an ultimate Samosa wala from the narrow lanes of Karampura in Delhi. Kumar Samosa wala is one of the best samosa wala we know about! This 20 year old shop has amazing variety of samosas. They have more than 20 types of variety and each of them are special in their own way.

The menu list starts with aloo samosa and end up at C-Cold Samosa (Chocolate samosa). Their specialities in samosas are Malai Paneer, tandoori paneer, pizza, pasta, chaap, chowmein and many more. The mind boggling and temptitious Malai Paneer samosa deserves some more major attention from us. the soft creamy taste will lure ur senses.

Are you already craving for them? We are craving too, because the flavours and the crunch is just so right. The price range is very minimal and tottaly worth the bite!


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