10 Skincare Tips For This Rainy Season!

“Rain rain go away;
come again another day.”

I recently met a skin specialist and he shared few skincare tips to maintain your skin healthy. Here are few Tips by Catch Now!

While rainy season is fun, all about dancing, eating yummy food and jus admiring the weather; this seasonal change also leads to many infections in the atmosphere, food and water. Hence apart from eating healthy, it is also important for us to take proper care of our skin so that we can look and stay fabulous in any season 😉


Stay HYDRATED. Yes, the “all season, every season” tip that you need to follow. You must drink atleast 8 glasses of water, as it will help to flush out all unwanted toxins. So, that you’ll have a brighter and fresher looking skin.


Clean your face 3 times a day to get rid of excess grime and oil that can clog your pores. You can also go for soap-free cleansers that are not too harsh on the skin.



Apart from cleansing, use a good scrub to gently exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin. Do this twice a week and not regularly.

  1. TONE

Post cleansing, use an alcohol-free cleanser to tone your skin. Not only will it even out the pH of your skin, but also help close the pores.


Keep the outer layer of your skin hydrated by using a good moisturizer that will also keep it soft and supple at all times. If oiliness is your issue, opt for a water-based moisturizer that will keep the oil secretion at check. Also, use a reliable sunscreen with good SPF to keep it from getting damaged by the UV rays of the sun.


Oil your hair and scalp at night with pure coconut oil or add a little neem oil to it to combat itchy scalp and dandruff.



If your hair gets drenched in rain, shampoo it as soon as possible and don’t forget to condition them as well. Opt to dry your hair naturally rather than using a hair dryer.


Use herbal or homemade products for skin and scalp, as they are chemical-free and don’t damage the skin.


Avoid going for facials or bleaching, as your skin is very prone to getting rough and dry during the rains.


Use waterproof light makeup rather than heavy cream-based makeup and keep lips moisturized at all times.


Stay healthy, stay safe and enjoy rains without damaging your skin.




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