You Should Definitely Hit At These GK Restaurants this weekend.

Greater Kailash, one of the popular plush neighbourhoods in Delhi has some of the best dine-outs, cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars. If you’re looking to explore this side of Delhi or just to end your food feud, we have taken it upon our shoulders to enlist the best of best you ought to try.

1) Getafix

Breakfast makes the most important meal of the day. If your previous day was a ruckus, get a fix at this quaint place. Highly rated among peers, Getafix costs 1000 for two.


2) Pedro’s

Looking for some Mexican affection? The food truck sort of delivery point serves excellent tacos, crisp corns and mama burritos.

3) Pho King Awesome

Try the rarely available Vietnamese cuisine apart from Chinese, Thai and other Asian here. It’s better to take-out or call for delivery.

4) Zaffran

The dine-out serves a splendid range of Mughlai delicacy. The extensive menu is hard to choose from. And interiors are soothing and calmer!
Cost for two: INR 2000


5) Zu Tisch

The popular German and European centric dine-out displays a great nightlife with live music, karaoke and live entertainment.


6) Bohemia

The bohemian interiors are compelling romanticism. The Mediterranean cuisine, rooftop seating and live entertainment justify the cost for two, that is, INR 2200(approx.).



7) Sakley’s The Mountain Café

Perfect to experience the hill station vibe in the winters, the mountain café has enchanting interiors. Cost for two: INR 1900

8) Adda by Striker

Well known for the nightlife, live music, sheeshas and rooftop seating at just INR 1500 for two.


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