Eggsumptious eggs for all egg lovers only at Rahul eggs corner!

If you are an eggilicious lover than we are sure you would love to visit this eggceptional mini egg shop at Keshavpuram on red line metro station.

You guessed that right we are referring to Rahul eggs which serves over 400 varieties of eggs and omelettes. You must try their four page eggcelent menu that will definitely mindblog you! And if its hard for you to pick one out of 350, let’s tell you about a few of them.

Special Monako’s
Boiled eggs flavoured with variety of ingredients topped with cheese and mayo will make your taste buds scream YUMM!!

PCM Omlette
No, its not physics, chemistry and maths!! Its something super amazing and heavenly that you’ll die for, paneerrrr, cheessse and mayo!

Cheese Pasta Omelette
Pasta in an omelette is something you won’t find everywhere. This eggsclusive recipe of pepper, oregano, cheese and macroni will drive you crazy.


Eggsclusive Tandoori Jalandhari
For those who can’t eat food without a pinch of spice, this omelette will be yayay. Owing to its name, tandoori jalandhari omelette is a classic Punjabi item.

Chicken Jalandhari
For all chicken lovers, this is something you must try! Along with it, the malai chicken jalandhari is another speciality.

Their other specialities are:

Mix French
Tandoori Achaari
Korma Dosa Omelette
Spl. Egg tikka’s
Egg pizza
Malai Keema Jalandhari

#cnfeatures:Rahul eggs with more than 350 varieties of eggs. You can enjoy these myriad of eggsumtious and eggstravaganza dishes in your car or parcel it for takeaways. They do have a seating area but Catchnow would advice you to prefer having your food outside as we didn’t find the seating any good!

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