Big Collaboration Of Sabyasachi With Pottery Barn On Diwali

Indian Designer Sabyasachi and Pottery Barn collaboration this Diwali is big fashion news of this year!

We have another reason to put our hands up and yell ‘yay!’ because Pottery Barn has collaborated with Sabyasachi Mukherjee on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Pottery barn is an American lifestyle chain while Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a Kolkata based Indian fashion designer. He is best known for transforming ancient textiles into modern silhouettes, using indigenous techniques like hand dyeing, embroidery and block printing.


The resulting collection of this collaboration will feature an array of home décor and furnishing products. He has designed 50 products including plates, bedding, wall decor, jewelry boxes, table tops, holiday ornaments and home linen. With this collaboration, Mukherjee has landed his feet into home furnishings. These products will be available online to grab from the official website of Pottery Barn ( and will be available in stores from 1st November.


The Artwork, with a sophisticated color palette, intricate floral and animal artwork, brocade and embroidered pillows, have been created by artists of the Sabyasachi Art Foundation. The foundation is an initiative to generate employment opportunities in the rural areas for struggling artists. Sabyasachi’s love for vintage and contemporary fabrics would indeed reflect in his designs that will give your home the right combination of minimalist and maximalist.


#cnfeatures: Pottery barn and sabyasachi designer collaboration!

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Liked Sabyasachi’s ideas?? Click here to make your own Diwali Lights to decorate you home!!


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