Ways To Treat Your Feet Right – Foot Care

Feet – The workhouses of our body that demand attention!

A person’s feet accurately reflect their character. Hence, it is important to keep your feet healthy and beautiful. We have a generic tendency to ignore the most important part of our body, our feet. A lot of dead skin, fungal diseases and dirt tend to latch on to our feet daily. It is important to get rid of this muck every day. Our feet also deserve thorough cleaning, at least once a month. CatchNowDelhi brings you these simple regimes for daily and thorough (once-a-month) cleaning.


While you’re bathing, use your soap or body wash to thoroughly clean the sole of your feet. It is a good habit to wash your feet before going to sleep as well.



After washing your feet, use a foot cream or daily moisturizer to keep your feet hydrated and soft.



Get rid of the ingrown nails and tinkle your toes painlessly. It’s advised to keep your nails trimmed and clean. Use a mini-spatula to scoop out the dirt accumulated beneath your nail. Don’t be harsh while extraction process. Better, let a professional at Salon do the job for you.



It’s normal to get sweaty feet. To avoid them, wear sandals to maintain the air flow. You should wear clean socks to avoid any sort of bacteria from taking roots.


Every once in a while you should relax yourself by dipping your feet in warm water. Squeeze lemon juice and mix some salt along. This process relaxes the whole body.


  • Once A Month

Regardless of your gender, we advise you to treat yourself with a pedicure treatment at least once a month. Come on! You deserve it. Make sure that your pedicure plan includes these three stages during the process; Cleaning, Scrub and Massage.

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